Fellowships and internships


Students, both graduate, and undergraduate, are encouraged to pursue space science-related careers through various programs. RISG support can take the form of fellowship or internship, research awards for faculty-guided projects, travel expenses for field work or attendance at professional meetings, and participation in programs at NASA facilities.  Awardees must be US Citizens.

Program Options

  • Graduate Fellowships: Stipend support for young researchers working toward their Masters or PhD degrees in a NASA-related field of study.
  • Undergraduate Internships: Stipend support during either the academic year or summer to help support NASA-related research.
  • Curriculum and Professional Development: Outreach program matching science students with RI K-12 teachers to help bring the excitement of research into the classroom.
  • Research Awards: Support for faculty research can be provided as stipends for data collection, analysis, etc. done by students.
  • Museum Summer Interships: Assist with NASA related exhibit programming and informal education programs at the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium in Providence, RI.
  • Tougaloo Summer Research Exchange: Stipend support for a student from  Tougaloo College  to work at  Brown University with a mentor on a NASA related project.
  • Travel Awards: Can range from meeting registration fees to air & hotel costs while participating in professional development and NASA student opportunities.

Fellowship Program Mission

  • Support NASA-related research by graduates and undergraduates through fellowships and internships
  • Link fellows and scholars with K-12 teachers and their students through science education outreach

Graduate and Undergraduate students, from a variety of math, science and engineering disciplines, are awarded Fellowships and Internships which enable them to complete their studies. These university students devote 75% of their time to their own research and studies and 25% of their time to science education outreach programs organized by RI Space Grant. They become in-classroom partners with teachers by discussing their own research in the context of the teacher’s curriculum. Some requirements may be different at the Affiliate Institutions. To get specific information for your campus please contact your RI Space Grant Affiliate Representative.

Our grant requires 1:1 matching funds for all awards. Fellowship stipends usually can be covered through a tuition match from the host institution as arranged through their advisor. Summer Fellowships and Internships require other matching strategies (contact this office).