15th Workshop on Non-Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics

Fifteenth Workshop on Non-Perturbative QCD
11-14 June 2018

Directors: H. M. Fried, Brown U; B. Muller, Duke U; Chung-I Tan, Brown U

During the four day period 11-14 June 2018, our Fiftheenth Workshop on Non-Perturbative QCD, (and new and interesting advances in other related fields of Physics), will again be held at the Institut d’Astophysique de Paris (IAP), in the 14th arrondissement.

As before, we plan to offer eight chaired Sessions, with Chairs as listed below, giving participants ample time to present short (< 30 minutes) sketches of their recent research work.

As always, last-minute, detailed Programs for each day will be made available at the Workshop, and – as accurately as possible – will appear on our Website one week before the Workshop.  Current planned Sessions will cover a variety of new and interesting topics, and are here listed, along with the names of their organizers/chairs.  If you would like to present a talk, please communicate with the Chair of the relevant Session and submit a title and abstract to the Chair with a copy to Ms. Rotondo.  If you are unsure which session would be best for you, please contact Chung-I Tan.

Lattice QCD and Confinement.

K. Orginos (Williams & Mary)  kostas@jlab.org

S. Zafeiropoulos (Heidelberg)  savvaslz@gmail.com

Holography and Gauge Theorie K. Hashimoto (Osaka U) koji@phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp

CFT, Bootstrap, Strong Dynamics, Conformal Window,

and Lattice Field Theories on Riemann Manifold

R. Brower (Boston U)  brower@bu.edu



Large N and Emergent Phenomena; Applications to CMT

A. Jevicki (Brown U) antal_jevicki@brown.edu

S. Das (U. of Kentucky) das@pa.uky.edu

Progress in YM Theories, Integrability, H.E. Scattering in QCD


I. Balitsky (Old Dominion U) balitsky@jlab.org

C-I Tan (Brown U) chung-i_tan@brown.edu

Non-Perturbative Physics from RHIC to LHC

T. Raben  (U. of Kansas)  traben13@gmail.com

C-I Tan (Brown U) chung-i_tan@brown.edu

From LHC to Cosmic Ray/Astro

I. Sarcevic (U Arizona) ina@physics.arizona.edu

M. H. Hall Ewno (U. of Iowa)  mary-hall-reno@uiowa.edu

J. Martin (IAP) jmartin@iap.fr

Analytic, Non-Perturbatibve QFT

H. M. Fried (Brown U)  fried@het.brown.edu