Twelfth Workshop on Non-Perturbative QCD
l’Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris – Paris, France
10-13 June 2013

June 10 Monday (morning)

9:00 a.m.        Registration
Doors will not open before 9:00 a.m.

9:25                Welcoming Remarks by Chung-I Tan

Lattice QCD and Confinement

9:30 a.m.     Session Chair: K. Orginos
  9:30              K. Orginos:  “Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD”
10:00              P. de Forcrand:  “Scale Hierarchy in High-Temperature QCD”
10:30              W. Detmold:  “Exclusive Decays of Heavy Baryons”

11:00              Refreshments

11:30              J. Wosiek:  “On Non-Trival Spectra of Trivial, Two Dimensional Gage Theory
12:00              P. Petreczky:  “The Chiral and Deconfinement Transitions in QCD at Non-ZeroTemperature & QGP”
12:30              D. Banerjee:  “Simulating Quantum Dynamics of Lattice Gauge Theories”

13:00 p.m.     Lunch

June 10 Monday (afternoon)
Amplitudes and Strings

14:30 p.m.  Session Chair:  A. Volowich

14:30              M. Spradlin:  “Introduction to the Amplitudes and Strings Session”
15:00              R. Britto:  “Discontinuities of Loop Integrals”
15:30              H. Johansson:  “Supergravity from 2 and 3-Algebra Gauge Theory”

16:00              Refreshments

16:30             G. Korchemsky:  “Energy Flow in N=4 SYM”
17:00             G.  Travaglini:  “Amplitudes and Form Factors in 3d Superconformal Chern-Simons Theory”
17:30              P. Vanhove:  “Elliptic Dilogarithm and Two-Loop Amplitudes”

June 11 Tuesday (morning)
Heavy Ion Physics from RHIC to LHC

9:30 a.m.     Session Chair:  J. Ollitrault
9:30              J. Ollitrault: “Introduction to the Heavy-Ion Session”
10:00            A. Bilandzic: “Anisotropic Flow in ALICE at LHC”
10:30            W. Broniowski:  “Collective Dynamics of the p+Pb Collisions”

11:00              Refreshments

11:30              A. Dumitru:  “Magnetic Vortices in High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions”
12:00              H. Hansen:  “A Detailed Analysis of the Phase Diagram of QCD in the
High Density and Temperature Region”
12:30              A. Mukhopadhyay:  “AdS/CFT Imprints on the ALICE Fireball?”

13:00              Lunch

June 11 Tuesday (afternoon)
Heavy Ion Physics from RHIC to LHC (con’t)

14:30 p.m.     Session Chair:  J. Ollitrault
14:30 p.m.     T. Epelbaum:  “The Early Stages of Heavy Ion Collisions”
15:00              Y. Mehtar-Tani:  “Generating Functional for Jet Observables in Heavy Ion Collisions”
15:30              J. Jia:  “Event-by-Event Flow and Initial Geometry at the LHC”

16:00              Refreshments

16:30              P. Filip:  “Magnetic Quenching of Quarkonium Decay”
17:00              S. Plumari:  “Anisotropic Flows and Shear Viscosity from a Beam Energy Scan”
17:30              M. Ruggieri:  “Kinetic Theory Computation of Elliptic Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions”

20:00              Banquet – Le Café du Commerce
51 rue du Commerce  75015 Paris

June 12 Wednesday (morning)
Field Theories and Conformal Invariance

9:30 a.m.     Session Chairs:  S. Das and M. Paulos
 9:30               S. Das:  “Quantum Quench and Holographic Critical Points”
10:00              E. Poppitz:  “Continuity, Deconfinement, and Super-Yang-Mills Theory”
10:30              M. Anber:  “The SU(3)/Z3  QCD (adj) Deconfinement Transition via the Gauge
Theory ‘Affine’ XY-Model Duality”

11:00              Refreshments

11:30              S. El-Showk:  “ New Skins for an Old Ceremony (The Coformal Bootstrap and the Ising Model)”
12:00              M. Paulos:  “Loops and Splines”
12:30              C. Bender:  “PT-Symmetric Interpretation of Double-Scaling”

1:00                Lunch

June 12 Wednesday (afternoon)
AdS/CFT, Holography, and Scattering

14:30 p.m.  Session Chair:  M. Djuric
14:30 p.m.     M. Djuric:  “Odderon in Gauge/String Duality”
15:00              N. Evans:  “Holographic Vector Mesons and Low x Production”
15:30              F. Hautmann:  “Planckian Scattering and High-Dimensional Gravity Fixed Points”

16:00              Refreshments

16:30              J. Tarrio:  “D3-D7 Plasma at Finite Charge and Temperature”
17:00              D. Dudal:  “Some Insights into the Magnetic QCD Phase Diagram from the Sakai-Sugimoto Model”
17:30              F. Nitti  “The Trailing String in Confining Holographic Theories”

June 13 Thursday (morning)
AdS/CFT, Holography, and Scattering (con’t)

9:30 a.m.     Session Chair:  M Djuric
9:30                I. Balitsky:  “NLO BFKL and Anomalous Dimensions of Light-Ray Operators”
10:00              C-I Tan:  “Anomalous Dimensions, Pomeron, and AdS/CFT”
10:30              G. de Teramond:  “Systematics of the Hadron-Spectrum from Conformal
Quantum Mechanics and Holographic QCD”

11:00              Refreshments

11:30              C. Royon:  “BFKL Tests at Hadronic Collilder:  Forward jets, Mueller
Navelet Jets and Jet Gap Jets”
12:00              C. Marquet:  “Multi-Particle Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions in the CGC Framework”  
12:30              T. Grandou: “On Casimir Operators Scaling Laws in QCD”

1:00                Lunch

June 13 Thursday (afternoon)
From LHC to Cosmic Ray/Astrophysics

14:30 p.m.  Session Chair:  J. Martin
14:30             T. Stanev:  “Extensive Air Showers and Particle Physics”
15:00              P. Peter:  “The Quantum measurement Problem in Cosmology”
15:30              V. Vennin:  “Inflationary Models After Planck”

16:00              Refreshments

Analytic, Non-Perturbative QFT

16:30 p.m.  Session Chair:  H. Fried
16:30             M. Frasca:  “QCD, Wilson Loop and the Interquark Potential”
17:00              A. Nesterenko:  “Dispersive Approach to QCD and Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Function”
17:30              H. Fried:  “Inflation as the Precursor of Dark Energy”