This software facilitates the processing and interpretation of data from wearable continuous alcohol sensors.

We have versions that work with data from the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet and the Skyn from BACtrack.

The TASMAC allows the user to choose the criteria for detecting alcohol consumption and automates the complex functions and calculations needed for working with transdermal sensor data.

How the TASMAC Works

The TASMAC is an Excel macro that reads data from a sensor data file and interprets it based on criteria the user chooses for detecting alcohol use episodes. After identifying drinking episodes, the TASMAC calculates values about the episode, including episode and time-based (i.e., day, week, etc.) transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) values, area under the curve (to reflect volume of alcohol consumed), episode length, and absorption and elimination rates. Graphs, reports, and data in various formats are available for export.

Initial Interface

Computer window

Results Screen