Version Log

Date Version Update
2/20/2015 v1.1 Original release
6/15/2015 v1.2

– Added raw eBAC output.

– AMS tamper alerts are now in output.

9/1/2015 v1.3 – New population filter added to the BrAC Estimator.
7/28/2016 v1.4

– Fixed a bug that may assign tampers to the incorrect day number, when using social day setting.

– Code changes now allow measurement of very long (multi-day) drinking episodes. Now the code allows for a maximum of 1000 readings per episode.

– Added details of found tamper events to end of each subject’s report, and to alert log.

– Modified install package to exclude outdated installation component.

11/1/2018 v1.5 – Improved compatibility with the latest Windows/Office updates
7/30/2019 v1.6 -Fixed a bug that prevented elimination rate calculation that may occur on samples less than 1 minute apart
Beta 4/2023 v2.0 -New version for Skyn data with multiple new features