SCRAM version (1.6) Skyn version (2.0)
Raw data files uploaded into TASMAC individually or in batches
Identifies alcohol consumption episodes using criteria chosen by the user. For SCRAM,this includes default settings based on empirical research.
Calculates episode and time-based (i.e., day, week, etc.) summary statistics, including  average and peak transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC), episode length, absorption and elimination rates, and area under the curve.
Provides meaningful values for clinical research, including the longest number of days with no alcohol detected.
Shows flexible graphs that can be viewed at different levels, including episode, day, week, or full data uploaded. Features allow you to adjust graph elements.
Downloads of reports and data in various formats (e.g., Excel csv, SPSS)  for analysis.
Upload “event” files with data not from the sensor. Such data could include self-report (e.g., time of drinking or other event information) or laboratory (e.g., BAC) measures.
Has flexible filter and alert settings; ability to utilize temperature to identify time when the bracelet is not being worn and other values to exclude environmental interferents (e.g., alcohol-based perfume, spilled alcohol)
Incorporates confirmable alcohol episodes and tampers from SCRAM Systems reports.