Principal Investigator

Jesse Ault headshotJesse T. Ault (CV)
Assistant Professor of Engineering
  • Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University (2017)
  • M.A., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University (2015)
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University (2012)


Postdoctoral Researchers

We are currently recruiting postdocs! Please reach out and contact us if interested!

Graduate Students

Robben Migacz headshotRobben Migacz
Ph.D. Candidate
Advised: (8/20 - Present)

Project: Coupled diffusion processes, diffusiophoresis, and ion control in microfluidics.
Jian Teng headshotJian Teng
Ph.D. Candidate
Advised: (7/20 - Present)

Project: Dynamics of finite rods near solid boundaries.
Morgan Castleberry headshotMorgan Castleberry
Ph.D. Student
Advised: (9/22 - Present)

Project: Enhanced particle diffusiophoresis with time-varying solute strategies.
Haoyi Wang headshot

Haoyi Wang
Master of Science Candidate

Project: Vortex breakdown in confined inertial microfluidics.

Undergraduate Students

Sungwon La headshotSungwon (Bob) La
Undergraduate researcher

Project: Solute-gradient-induced manipulation of ions via microfluidics.
Kyra Howard headshotKyra Howard
Fall 2022 Undergraduate UTRA researcher

Project: The mysterious fluid dynamics in a seal's nose.
John McDonough headshotJohn (Jack) McDonough
Undergraduate researcher
2022-2023 Honors Senior Thesis

Project: Diffusioosmosis-driven particle transport under a 3D solute gradient in a dead-end pore geometry.
Daniel Marella headshotDaniel Marella
Undergraduate researcher
Advised: Fall 2021 - Present

Project: Fluid-structure interactions via OpenFOAM with dynamic meshing.

Visiting Researchers

Zhong Zheng headshotZhong Zheng
Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Project: Healing blister and crack film flows and similarity solutions.
Saebom Lee headshotSaebom Lee
Ph.D. Candidate

Project: Consequences of variable zeta potential on diffusiophoretic transport.

Current Collaborators

Sangwoo ShinUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa (Mechanical Engineering)
Yong Lin KongUniversity of Utah (Mechanical Engineering)
Jie FengUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Howard StonePrinceton University (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Bhargav RallabandiUniversity of California, Riverside (Mechanical Engineering)
Amy ShenOkinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit)
Jinkee LeeSungkyunkwan University (School of Mechanical Engineering)


Guillaume Durey headshotGuillaume Durey
Postdoctoral Scholar
Advised: (1/21 - 12/21)

Project: Diffusiophoresis via photo-reactive molecular dissociation.
Xinyi Yu headshotXinyi Yu
Master of Science (Thesis)
Advised: (9/19 - 5/21)

Project: Vortex dynamics, breakdown, and stability in moderate Reynolds number microfluidics.
Bryan Hong headshotBryan Hong
Master of Science (Non-Thesis)
Advised: (9/19 - 6/20)

Project: OpenFOAM computational fluid dynamics simulations of flows past airfoils with temperature gradients.
Sichen Liang headshotSichen Liang
Master of Science (Thesis)
Advised: (9/20 - 5/22)

Project: Microfluidics flows in the Brinkman limit including flow past a backward-facing step and flow past a cylinder.
Theo Fernandez headshotTheo Fernandez
Fall 2021 Undergraduate Independent Study

Project: Designing and implementing cube satellite communications.
Gabby Shieh headshotGabby Shieh
Fall 2021 Undergraduate Independent Study

Project: SBUDNIC structures subsystem design.
Anya Schmitz headshotAnya Schmitz
Fall 2021 Undergraduate Independent Study

Project: Cardiovascular engineering: Fluid dynamic analysis and the cardiovascular system.
Liam Storan headshotLiam Storan
Fall 2021 Undergraduate Independent Study

Project: Diffusiophoresis in dead-end pores with hydrogel obstacles.
Kento Abeywardane headshotKento Abeywardane
2021-2022 Senior Independent Research

Project: Protein diffusiophoresis via atomistic molecular dynamics simulations.