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MRI Facility

a Siemens fMRI scannerThe Brown MRI Research Facility (MRF) occupies a 3,000 sq. ft. research suite in Sidney Frank Hall and houses a research-dedicated Siemens 3T PRISMA scanner. The scanner is equipped with 64 receiver channels for significant gains in signal-to-noise ratio and acquisition speed. Visual stimuli may be presented through rear projection to a screen located at the back of the scanner, or to a 24″ BOLDscreen flat-panel display device. The Avotec SS-3100 Silent Scan™ Audio System includes noise reduction for presentation of auditory stimuli during scanning. Manual responses are recorded with a four-button response pad.

For running experimental scripts, the research suite includes both Macintosh and PC computers running E-Prime and Psychophysics Toolbox for MATLAB. The MRF employs a highly trained, full-time staff providing expert support in the development of new scanning protocols, specialized peripherals, and experimental protocols.

Behavioral Testing

The behavioral testing lab

The Cognitive Control and Memory Laboratory is located in the Metcalf Research Building, located on the main Brown campus. Metcalf is centrally-located and is only a few minutes’ walk from the Brown MRI Research Facility. The lab provides a general workspace and a main meeting area for our researchers. Research assistants primarily work in the lab, while graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are provided office space in Metcalf as well.

The Badre Lab also provides a separate behavioral testing suite that includes a waiting/staging area and a bank of testing rooms customized for behavioral and neuropsychological testing. Additional state-of-the-art, video-conferencing enabled meeting spaces are also shared with other labs in the building.

TMS Brain Stimulation Facility

TMS Brain Stimulation FacilityThe Brown Brain Stimulation Facility (BSF) is located in the Robert J. & Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science building. The BSF, built in September 2013, is a core facility supported by the Brown Institute for Brain Science. Dr. Badre (PI) directs the facility along with co-directors Dr. Jerome Sanes, PhD and Dr. Linda Carpenter, MD.

A range of stimulation equipment and coils are available in the BSF for conducting single, paired, dual, repetitive, and patterned TMS, as well as for alternating or direct current stimulation (tACS/tDCS). Peripheral equipment is also available, including devices for electrophysiological recording (e.g., EMG) and neuronavigation software for real-time targeting.

The facility includes a control/staging room with chairs, counters, and shelf space for research personnel. Shielded access ports allow cables to run between the external control room and the testing suites. Two sound attenuated, lighting controlled, and shielded testing rooms are accessible from the central control room.

One smaller testing room is intended for EEG and direct stimulation methods, like tACS and tDCS. A larger testing room is designed for TMS. The large testing room can accommodate a participant and two research staff, along with TMS stimulators and coils, neuronavigation equipment, physiological recording equipment, a specially designed testing chair (from Rogue Research), an experimental control computer, and a separate neuronavigation computer. Three dedicated 20-amp circuits are available in the room to provide sufficient power for all types of stimulation. A separate lockable closet for storing equipment and a sink room with a setup for washing hair (primarily used during EEG recording) are also accessible from the main control room.