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Our research lab is part of the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences at Brown University.

Our projects investigate what children know about the world around them, how they learn new information, and how they use that information in new situations. We are interested in factors that help children​ acquire new knowledge and factors that might impede this process. Your child’s participation in our study will only take 5-30 minutes.

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Fruit Ratings Study

​How do children learn about categories?  This study is for ages 5 and 7 years In this study, we explore how children learn about categories. Children must be 5 or 7 years old and be able to speak and understand English to participate.  ​This study involves playing a...

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Animal Study

​How do children learn about categories of animals?  This study is for ages 3, 4, and 5 years In this study, we explore how children ages 3-5 learn about categories of animals. Children must be no younger than 3 years old, no older than 5 years old, and be able to...

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Brown Developmental Labs Group

Our lab is part of Brown Developmental Labs, a group of research labs in the Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences Department at Brown University that study children and adolescents.

If you would like to receive information about studies your child could participate in at the Brown Developmental Labs, sign up for our shared contact list!


We are located in the Metcalf Research Building on the Brown University campus.

Address: 190 Thayer Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02912

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Phone: 401-863-2070