Rowena Albro Sherman, class of 1914 and Alita Dorothy Bosworth, class of 1914

Sherman and Bosworth


In Part 1 of this interview, classmates Alita Dorothy Bosworth and Rowena Albro Sherman discuss how they came to attend Brown University; restrictions and expectations of behavior; and traditions of the Women’s College, including school songs, class colors, sophomore masque and the class mascot. They then discuss fraternities and their abolition by Dean King; the cafeteria on the women’s campus; physical education instructors Miss Bates and Miss Payne; their impressions of Dean King, and their social life with men and other class members. In Part 2, they discuss relationships among dorm and city girls; the opening of Miller Hall, the first Pembroke dormitory; their recollections of professors; and their lives after college.

Part 1

Part 2


Suggested Chicago citation: Sherman, Rowena Albro and Bosworth, Alita Dorothy. Interview. Pembroke Center Oral History Project, Brown University.


Rowena Albro Sherman graduated from Classical High School in 1910 and from Brown in 1914 with a degree in English. She was President of the Christian Association during her last year at Pembroke and also participated in the Question Club. After graduating she taught at the Messer Street Grammar School until she married.

Alita Dorothy Bosworth attended a technical high school in Providence before enrolling in Pembroke. After graduating with a Ph.D. in 1914 she returned to this high school to teach German, but eventually switched to teaching English during wartime.