Marjorie Marianne Roffee, class of 1943


In this interview, Marjorie Marianne Roffee explains that while she grew up in Providence, she desired to pursue journalism at Syracuse University in New York, which she did for two years, until she spent her junior year at Pembroke College where she finished out her college education. Approximately one third of the interview is spent discussing her time at Syracuse including living away from home, course requirements, and social life. Then she remembers Pembroke and Brown during World War II, mentioning the inception of the NROTC and Brown Town. She briefly recalls the dorm curfews and details the dress code for the women. Roffee also talks about Ivy Day, Ivy Night, and Commencement. She concludes by lauding student-faculty relationships at Pembroke and specifically mentions Arlan Coolidge who she credits with her continued love of music.

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Recorded on May 6, 1988 at Maddock Alumni Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
Interviewed by Paul Cobbe

Suggested Chicago style citation: Roffee, Marjorie Marianne. Interview. By Paul Cobbe. Pembroke Center Oral History Project, Brown University. May 6, 1988.


Marjorie Marianne Roffee was born in Warwick, Rhode Island and grew up on the east side of Providence. She attended Hope High School and went on to Syracuse University where she studied journalism for two years. She began attending Pembroke College in 1941 and graduated with an A.B. psychology. After graduation, she worked as a social worker for the Department of Child Welfare for sixteen years. She had two sons and a granddaughter. Milroy died on April 2, 2002.