Susan Elizabeth Geary, class of 1967


Susan Elizabeth Geary begins her interview by discussing her early education in Scituate, Rhode Island and her matriculation to Pembroke College where she was a commuting student. She goes on to discuss in detail the varying elements of her time at Pembroke, specifically focusing on her academic performance and experiences, dorm life, social life, and social codes. She then outlines her career path, which included earning a Ph.D. in American civilization from Brown and working in University Development.


Recorded on March 21, 1988
Interviewed by Lisa A. Colasanti

Suggested Chicago style citation: Geary, Susan Elizabeth. Interview. By Lisa A. Colasanti. Pembroke Center Oral History Project, Brown University. March 21, 1988.


Susan Elizabeth Geary grew up in Scituate, Rhode Island. She graduated from Pembroke College in 1967 with an A.B. American literature. Academically focused, Geary made Pembroke’s Dean List numerous times and proceeded to receive her A.M. (1974) and Ph.D. (1976) in American civilization from Brown University. Her dissertation was entitled “Scribbling Women: Essays on Literary History and Popular Literature in the 1850’s.” Geary worked in University Development and served as Associate Director for the Brown Fund.