Anita L. Schell, class of 1979


In this interview, Anita L. Schell begins by discussing her family and the support she had from her parents to attend college. She then talks about her initial attraction to Brown University and her fond memories of the choir, which she participated in for all four years, and her group trip to India. Schell then discusses dormitory life and her various experiences at Brown both inside and outside the classroom, highlighting her involvement with St. Stephen’s Church, and religion on campus. Towards the end of the interview, Schell delves into the relationships between men and women in classes, in church, and in her professional life.

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Recorded on January 3, 1986
Interviewed by Cindy Weinbaum

Suggested Chicago style citation: Schell, Anita L. Interview. By Cindy Weinbaum. Pembroke Center Oral History Project, Brown University. January 3, 1986.


Anita L. Schell was born in 1957 to Theodore Schell and Ann Hess Schell in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her father was self-employed and her mother was a homemaker. Schell attended Brown University where she concentrated in languages, and earned her A.B. in English. She married just after graduation from and pursued the Church, settling down in New York City for her graduate degree at a seminary in Chelsea. There, she had her son just before moving to Philadelphia where she resided at the time of the interview. She is now an active priest in the church.