Emily Tunkel, class of 2019


In this interview, Emily Tunkel, Brown University class of 2019, discusses their time at Brown and shares their experiences living through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Tunkel begins by talking about some of the work they did during their time at Brown, including at the Office of Residential Life and with Brown Motion Pictures. They reminisce about quiet places they found throughout campus, the Avon showing a movie they made, and seeing a barbershop quartet at Campus Dance. They also explain their path from being an astronomy and mathematics concentrator to becoming a data analyst for a healthcare consulting firm.

Speaking specifically about COVID-19, Tunkel recalls first learning about the virus through the Dear Blueno Facebook page, a page where students can anonymously post questions and concerns. They also explain that their father is a Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at Brown and that his calm response to the virus helped them remain calm as well. They remember first learning about Brown’s transition to online learning and saying goodbye to their friends as their friends left campus. Tunkel also discusses managing polyamorous relationships while social distancing. They go on to explain some of the changes including new methods of grocery shopping and everyone wearing masks while out in public. In the end, Tunkel emphasizes their pride in how Rhode Island and Governor Gina Raimondo have handled the pandemic and reassuring listeners that the pandemic will end eventually.


Recorded on April 20, 2020 via Zoom
Interviewed by Amanda Knox, Pembroke Center Assistant Archivist

Suggested Chicago style citation: Tunkel, Emily. Interview. By Amanda Knox. Pembroke Center Oral History Project, Brown University. April 20, 2020.


Emily Tunkel is a Brown University 2019 alum who double concentrated in Astronomy and Mathematics. They are currently working as a data analyst for a healthcare consulting firm and living with their cat, Juniper, in Providence. Tunkel grew up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and East Greenwich, Rhode Island. During their time at Brown, Emily participated in Brown Motion Pictures, various theatre productions, and worked at the Office of Residential Life.