Paula Robinson, class of 1999

Paula Robinson in Harambee House

Abstract In this interview, Paula Robinson, Brown University class of 1999, reflects on her time on campus in honor of her 25th reunion. Robinson begins by sharing that she was born and raised in Jamaica until she was 11 years old at which time she and her family moved to New York City. She talks […]

25th Reunion, class of 1999

Abstract In this interview, Jaclyn Mason, Sarah Pierson, and Ninian Stein, members of the Brown University class of 1999, share memories of their time on campus in honor of their 25th reunion. The interviewees begin by sharing why they decided to attend Brown. Geography and the open curriculum were two of their biggest reasons. They […]

50th Reunion, class of 1974

Abstract In this interview, Marjorie Neifeld Grayson, Jane Heitman Green, Pamela Farrell Lenehan, Mary Aguiar Vascellaro, and Donna Erickson Williamson, members of the Brown University class of 1974, share their memories of their time on campus in honor of their 50th reunion. Interviewees begin by introducing themselves and their concentrations. They share why they chose […]

Xochitl Gonzalez, class of 1999

Abstract In this interview, Xochitl Gonzalez, Brown University class of 1999, shares her memories of her time on campus on the eve of her 25th reunion. Gonzalez begins by discussing her childhood. She describes growing up in a working class Brooklyn neighborhood and being raised by her maternal grandparents. She explains that her mother, Andrea […]

Katie Yetter, class of 2022

Abstract In her interview, Katie Yetter, Brown University class of 2022, speaks about the many components of her experience as a student veteran, including her initial attraction towards the military — specifically the Marine Corps — her experience in the field, and her transition back to civilian life as a veteran student at Brown. Yetter […]

Alba Malaga, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics

Abstract In this Zoom interview, which took place a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Alba Malaga, who was completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Brown’s Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at the time, speaks about her experience navigating quarantine due to social distancing policies, motherhood, and research in the early days of […]

Meghan Kallman, class of 2016, Ph.D.

Abstract In her interview, Meghan Kallman, Brown University class of 2016, PhD, speaks about her path into sociology and Rhode Island state politics — both of which stem from a deep interest in community and social organization. Kallman begins by describing her childhood in a rural school system in New Hampshire. She also discusses her […]

Joan Katz, class of 1973

Abstract In this interview, Joan Katz Betesh, Brown University class of 1973, reflects on her time on campus, her pathway to law school, and the development of her career in immigration law. Betesh speaks first about her initial attraction to Brown and to the New Curriculum as a college applicant, which she saw as a […]

Sarah Kay, class of 2010

Abstract Sarah Kay, Brown University class of 2010, begins her interview by describing her experiences as a child during 9/11 in New York City. Kay recalls in great detail the effects that 9/11 had both on her family, as well as her budding interest in poetry. Kay continues by describing her decision to apply to […]

Jessica U. Meir, class of 1999

Abstract In this interview, Astronaut Jessica Meir, Brown University class of 1999, discusses her experiences as an undergraduate student at Brown, the steps she took to become a NASA Astronaut, and her life and work completing a mission on the International Space Station. Meir begins by sharing her family background including her parents’ immigration to […]

Carol Canner, class of 1959 (interview 1 of 2)

Abstract In this interview, at 80 years old, Carol Canner reflects on her undergraduate experience at Pembroke College in the 1950s.She begins by sharing some family background, including her father’s Harvard University education, and her mother’s Boston University Medical School education that was quickly ended by the Great Depression. Canner recalls that while growing up […]