Karina Wang, class of 2021

Abstract In this interview, Karina Wang, Brown University class of 2021, discusses the COVID-19 global pandemic, her participation in a protest for racial justice following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police, and the University’s decision to transition multiple varsity athletic teams to club teams. Wang begins by explaining why she […]

Shuyan Wang, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, Shuyan Wang, class of 2020, discusses life on campus, her experience as an applied math concentrator, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on her home in China and her life in the United States. Wang begins by talking about her family and early education in Nanjing, China, where she explains […]

Yema Yang, class of 2019

Abstract Speaking just several weeks before her graduation, Yema Yang, Brown University class of 2019, reflects on her undergraduate experiences including deciding her academic path, participating in extracurricular activities, and advocating for mental health advocacy and peer support on campus. Yang begins by describing her childhood in California’s Bay Area and being raised by parents […]

Soyoon Kim, class of 2019

Abstract In this interview, Soyoon Kim, Brown University class of 2019, describes her experience serving as a Program Coordinator at the Global Brown Center for International Students during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Kim begins by explaining that she first heard about COVID-19 from her family in Korea but was not immediately concerned about the virus […]

Kimberly Dan, class of 2006

Abstract In this interview, Kimberly Dan, Brown University class of 2006, describes her path since leaving Brown as well as her experience with the COVID-19 global pandemic in the Philippines. Dan begins by explaining that she chose to attend Brown because her father insisted that if she wanted to study abroad she had to go […]

Kathy Le, class of 1997

Abstract In this interview, Kathy Le, Brown University class of 1997, shares stories about her family’s emigration from Vietnam to the United States, and also details memories of her time at Brown. Le begins by talking about her parents’ educational and professional experiences and the ways in which the war in Vietnam impacted their lives. […]

Tejal Ashwin Desai, class of 1994

Abstract In this interview, Tejal Ashwin Desai, class of 1994, discusses her educational and professional path to becoming professor and chair of the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at University of California – San Francisco. She begins by sharing some personal background including the immigration of her parents to the United States from India […]

Julie Uhm, class of 1993

Abstract Julie Uhm participated in this interview in her first semester at Brown University in 1989. She discusses her Korean heritage and her high school experience as an Asian American in New Jersey. She explains her encounters with racism throughout her life and broadly describes her observations of race relations in the United States and […]

Hannelore Banks Rodriguez, class of 1987

Abstract In this interview, Hannelore Banks Rodriguez details her path to and through a career in higher education. She begins by sharing some of her parent’s backgrounds including their immigration from the Philippines to Fargo, North Dakota, her father’s pursuit of a Ph.D., and her mother’s desire for a medical technician degree. She also explains […]

Lillian Lim, class of 1973

Abstract This interview captures the oral history of Lillian Y. Lim, Brown University class of 1973 and the first Filipina American Judge in the United States. Lim begins by talking about her parents’ early lives in the Philippines and shares how they met during World War II. She explains that her two older brothers were […]

Wanni W. Anderson, class of 1962

Abstract In this interview, Wanni W. Anderson, class of 1962 MA, and Adjunct Professor Emerita of Anthropology, discusses her life and education in Thailand, her transition to American life, her graduate work, and the historical landscape of women’s work and roles in the academy. Anderson begins by discussing her early life in Thailand. She explains […]

Mary Jane Mikuriya, class of 1956

Abstract Speaking 61 years after graduating from Pembroke College, Mary Jane Mikuriya, class of 1956, shares an exceptionally rich account of her experience as an American student and woman of Japanese and Austro-Hungarian descent in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Mikuriya spends the first half hour of her interview describing her parents’ backgrounds and her […]

Meera Viswanathan, Faculty

Abstract In this interview, Meera Viswanathan, then-Professor of comparative literature at Brown University, discusses emigrating from India to Los Angeles in 1961. She describes the language barrier she experienced and her process of assimilating to American life through using the English language. She explains being unable to identify with classmates in elementary school or holidays […]

Shibei Guo, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, Shibei Guo, Brown University class of 2020, shares her experiences as an international student from Wuhan, China, during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Guo begins by explaining why she decided to transfer to Brown after her first year of college at New York University. She emphasizes the allure of Brown’s open curriculum […]

50th Reunion, class of 1973

Abstract In this interview, Martha Banks, Joan Betesh, Nancy Clarke, Jane Desmond, Lynda Durfee, Phyllis Fineman Schlesinger, Lillian Lim, Patricia McMillen, Nina Peskoe Peyser, Marian Weber, and Lucy Winner, members of the Brown University class of 1973, share their memories of their time on campus in honor of their 50th reunion. The first half hour […]

Rita Ann Chao, class of 1969

photo of rita ann chao

Abstract In this interview, Rita Ann Chao, class of 1969, discusses growing up in Vietnam, arriving in Maine, studying applied math at Brown University, and her career in software development, management consulting, and organization transformation. She begins by describing her experience growing up in Vietnam as a person of Chinese descent during the French Indochina […]

50th Reunion, class of 1969

yearbook cover photo

Abstract This interview with members of the Pembroke College class of 1969 documents the undergraduate experiences of Kathryn H. Au, Rita Ann Chao, Maria Garcia, Kathryn Troyer, and Lucy Jane Wollaeger, at their 50th reunion. Interviewees begin by introducing themselves, mentioning where they come from geographically, their parents’ educational backgrounds, and what attracted them to […]

Sarah Kay, class of 2010

Abstract Sarah Kay, Brown University class of 2010, begins her interview by describing her experiences as a child during 9/11 in New York City. Kay recalls in great detail the effects that 9/11 had both on her family, as well as her budding interest in poetry. Kay continues by describing her decision to apply to […]