Paula Robinson, class of 1999

Paula Robinson in Harambee House

Abstract In this interview, Paula Robinson, Brown University class of 1999, reflects on her time on campus in honor of her 25th reunion. Robinson begins by sharing that she was born and raised in Jamaica until she was 11 years old at which time she and her family moved to New York City. She talks […]

25th Reunion, class of 1999

Abstract In this interview, Jaclyn Mason, Sarah Pierson, and Ninian Stein, members of the Brown University class of 1999, share memories of their time on campus in honor of their 25th reunion. The interviewees begin by sharing why they decided to attend Brown. Geography and the open curriculum were two of their biggest reasons. They […]

Yema Yang, class of 2019

Abstract Speaking just several weeks before her graduation, Yema Yang, Brown University class of 2019, reflects on her undergraduate experiences including deciding her academic path, participating in extracurricular activities, and advocating for mental health advocacy and peer support on campus. Yang begins by describing her childhood in California’s Bay Area and being raised by parents […]

Rowan Potter, class of 2019

Abstract In this interview, Rowan Potter, Brown University class of 2019, discusses their undergraduate experiences navigating student leadership, gender identity, mental health, and disability justice on campus. Potter begins by describing the public school they attended in Ridgewood, New Jersey, their parents’ educational backgrounds, and their 12-year experience developing leadership skills with their mother through […]

Ryan Segur, class of 2017

Abstract In this interview, Ryan Segur, class of 2017, highlights their experience as an undergraduate and graduate non binary trans femme member of the Brown University community. Segur begins by sharing some personal background including a brief explanation of how they identify. They describe their early life as a child of two members of the […]

Morayo Akande, class of 2016

Abstract Morayo Akande grew up in Illinois with her three siblings. Her father is a Nigerian immigrant, and her mother is American. During her first year of high school, Akande moved with her father to Indiana where he was attending law school. During her high school career, Akande was extremely active in extracurricular activities, as […]

Ingrid Rodi, class of 1976 (MD’79)

Abstract In this interview, Ingrid Rodi, Brown University class of 1976, MD ’79, discusses the ways that the COVID-19 global pandemic impacted her work as an infertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist. Rodi begins by detailing her family’s legacy at Brown including her grandfather, who was a member of the class of 1905, and her grandmother […]

Lydia Curliss, Staff

Abstract In this interview, Lydia Curliss, Physical Sciences, and Native American and Indigenous Studies, Librarian at Brown University and member of Nipmuc Nation of Massachusetts, shares her thoughts on the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the fight for Indigenous rights. Curliss begins explaining that nobody realized they would be social distancing […]

Lynn Nottage, class of 1986, and Ruby Aiyo Gerber, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, Lynn Nottage, Pulitzer-prize winning playwright and Brown University class of 1986, and her daughter, Ruby Aiyo Gerber, Brown University class of 2020, discuss their experiences at Brown, living through the COVID-19 global pandemic, and processing the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Nottage and Gerber both begin by explaining why […]