25th Reunion, class of 1999

Abstract In this interview, Jaclyn Mason, Sarah Pierson, and Ninian Stein, members of the Brown University class of 1999, share memories of their time on campus in honor of their 25th reunion. The interviewees begin by sharing why they decided to attend Brown. Geography and the open curriculum were two of their biggest reasons. They […]

Sebastián Castro Niculescu, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, then Brown and RISD Dual-Degree student Sebastián Castro Niculescu discusses her experience growing up in and around Queens, New York, her childhood education, admittance to Brown-RISD, and social life around the turn of the Trump Administration. The child of an Ecuadorian immigrant and Romanian refugee, Niculescu begins by detailing how she […]

Beatrice McGeoch, class of 1997

Abstract In this interview, Beatrice McGeoch, Brown University class of 1997, shares her thoughts on education, work, and housing, in the times of COVID-19. McGeoch begins by recalling when COVID-19 became a serious factor in her work and life. She explains her work as the Director of Adult Education and Literacy Services at the Community […]