Paula Robinson, class of 1999

Paula Robinson in Harambee House

Abstract In this interview, Paula Robinson, Brown University class of 1999, reflects on her time on campus in honor of her 25th reunion. Robinson begins by sharing that she was born and raised in Jamaica until she was 11 years old at which time she and her family moved to New York City. She talks […]

Katie Yetter, class of 2022

Abstract In her interview, Katie Yetter, Brown University class of 2022, speaks about the many components of her experience as a student veteran, including her initial attraction towards the military — specifically the Marine Corps — her experience in the field, and her transition back to civilian life as a veteran student at Brown. Yetter […]

Miranda Summers Lowe, class of 2009 MA

Abstract In this interview, Miranda Summers Lowe, MA class of 2009, talks about her decision to enlist in the Army, her service, and her time as a veteran at Brown University. Summers Lowe begins by sharing some personal background information about her childhood. She explains having to move around for her parents’ careers as college […]