The research focus of Prof. Gates is on mathematical models where the property of supersymmetry is investigated in fundamental areas of mathematics and theoretical physics, principally within the domains of particle, field, and string theory.

These research efforts pioneered:
(a.) the collaborative development of superspace supergravity.
(b.) the development and use of superfield, and superspace techniques,
(c.) the introduction of special Kahler manifolds and bi-hermitian manifolds in the literature,
(d.) inauguration of Chern-Simons models containing conformal symmetry and large extended SUSY, and
(e.) fundamental studies of the representation theory of SUSY via graph theory, coding theory and creating bridgeways to algebraic geometry, combinatorics, error-correcting codes. 


(f.) usage in higher dimensions of adinkra inspired representation theory concepts, in large (> 1 billion elements) computer algorithms and advanced IT to explore the super geometry limits associated with superstring theory, heterotic string theory, and M-Theory,
(g.) exploration of the interface between the CMB (cosmic microwave background), higher spin induced non-guassianity from SUSY string theory, and
(h.) exploration of the interface of SYK theories duality to SUSY theories with elements of mirror symmetry.



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