Courses Taught at Brown University, or “studio style” facilitator for conferences:

Flat Earth to Quantum Uncertainty: On the Nature and Meaning of Scientific Explanation (PHYS 0100) Fall of 2017, Fall of 2018, Fall of 2019

Foundations of Electromagnetism and Modern Physics (PHYS 060) Spring of 2018, Spring of 2019, Spring of 2020.

Public Policy courses taught at the University of Maryland as an Emeritus Professor:

Public Policy Course Co-taught at Univ. of MD with Prof. Rosina Bierbaum:      Influence of Science on Policy, and of Policy on Science. (PHYS7891/PLCY689L)Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020


ADVISING (Research Directed):

Student Summer Theoretical Physics Research Session (SSTPRS):

From the summer of 1999 to 2017, Prof. Gates, collaborators, and teaching assistants have supervised a group of undergraduate students in a summer research activity, the Student Summer Theoretical Physics Research Session (SSTPRS) held during the month of June at the University of Maryland.

Since 2018, this activity moved with Prof. Gates to Brown University. The activity continued into 2019 and involved the placement of undergraduate students into some of the research activities formerly of the Center of String and Particle Theory (CSPT) in its period of closing out. SSTPRS continued virtually in 2020.

photos of students & mentors for 2020