Below are the most current publications. For a more extensive list of publications use this link.

The latest scientific/technical articles published:

“A Letter Highlighting Matrix Mapping in Minimal 4D, {\mathbf {\cal N}} = 1 On-Shell Supermultiplet Representations”, Delilah E.A. Gates (Harvard U.), S. James Gates (Brown U.), (Dec 28, 2020) e-Print: 2012.14549 [hep-th]


“A Note On Exemplary Off-Shell Constructions Of 4D, {\mathbf {\cal N}} = 2 Supersymmetry Representations”, Devin Bristow, John H. Caporaletti, Aleksander J. Cianciara, S. James Gates, Delina Levine, et al., (Dec 27, 2020), e-Print: 2012.14015 [hep-th]

“Supersymmetry and Representation Theory in Low Dimensions”, Matthew Calkins, S. James Gates (Brown U.), Caroline Klivans (Brown U.), e-Print: 2012.09211 [math-ph]


“The 300 “Correlators” Suggests 4D, \cal N = 1 SUSY Is a Solution to a Set of Sudoku Puzzles”, Aleksander J. Cianciara, S. James Gates, Yangrui Hu, Renee Kirk, (Dec 24, 2020), e-Print: 2012.13308 [hep-th]


“Properties of HYMNs in Examples of Four-Color, Five-Color, and Six-Color Adinkras”, S. James Gates (Brown U.), Yangrui Hu (Brown U.), Kory Stiffler (Brown U. and Iowa U.), (Oct 27, 2020), e-Print: 2010.14659 [hep-th]