Professor Xiao gave a lecture for the FCMP Columbia 2023 Spring Series

Professor Xiao gave a lecture for the “Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics” (FCMP) Columbia 2023 Spring Series on April 3rd, 2023. The lecture, titled “Generating true random numbers with single skyrmions: exploring local dynamics and skyrmion interactions”, is part of a lecture series featuring leading CMP-AMO researchers sharing their latest findings and insights.

About FCMP: Since 2011, Columbia University has been hosting the “Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP) Lectures” to bring in leading CMP/AMO researchers and provide a platform for them to present their latest research to a diverse audience comprising graduate students, postdocs, and senior researchers. The lectures aim to be historically, pedagogically, and intuitively presented to enable even entry-level CMP graduate students to enjoy and gain valuable insights from them.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, the lectures have been moved fully online since 2020, and recordings of the lectures are made available to subscribed students and interested observers from the research community. The FCMP is organized by Professor Yasutomo Uemura of Columbia University. The 2023 Spring series is co-hosted by Professors Philip Kim (Harvard), Pengcheng Dai (Rice), Liuyan Zhao (Michigan), and Weiwei Xie (Michigan State), who circulate flyers among their groups and institutions and recommend speakers. The lecture series promises to be an exciting and informative event for all those interested in the latest developments in condensed matter physics.