New discovery in magnetic materials: a step forward in miniaturizing magnetic devices

In a recent study, Professor Gang Xiao and his collaborators have explored the potential of emergent magneto-inductance (EML) in the context of miniaturizing magnetic devices without compromising their performance. By focusing on thin films of Permalloy deposited on polycarbonate substrates, they have identified a stepwise magnetic field-induced EML effect that shows promise for practical applications.

Their observations at room temperature reveal a notable inductance variation in these materials, exceeding 1 microhenry (┬ÁH). Interestingly, the inductance exhibits a reversal near zero magnetic field, a finding that could have intriguing applications in the design of magnetic devices.

The study investigates how the EML effect varies with changes in frequency, magnetic field steps, and the width of the film. These variations align with theoretical predictions based on the spin motive force, suggesting that the transient motion of domain walls may play a key role in this phenomenon.

This work represents a step toward enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of magnetic devices, opening up a venue into the future possibilities that lie at the intersection of fundamental physics and technological innovation.