Principal Investigator

Gang Xiao

Professor Xiao is an experimental condensed matter physicist, focusing on nanoscale physics and quantum devices. He studies spin-based electronic systems (or spintronics), electron transport in low dimensional or strongly correlated systems, and magnetism in artificial and self-assembled systems.  He is dedicated to inventing the next-generation electronic and spintronic device and training future physicists and engineers. His specialties: condensed matter physics, quantum materials, nanotechnology, spintronics, magnetism, superconductivity, magnetic sensing, biomagnetism, and research and development.



Kang Wang

PhD Students

Bhemarasetty, Vineetha
Vineetha Bhemarasetty
Yiou Zhang
Shiyu Zhou

ScM Student

Xiangcheng Liu


Dr. Lijuan Qian Dr. Guanyang He Dr. Wenzhe Chen Dr. Shu Wang Dr. Qiang Hao
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Dr. Xiaoyong Liu Dr. Ben Schrag Dr. Alexandre Anguelouch Dr. Snorri Ingvarsson Dr. Chadwick Canedy
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