Aidan Carter

Aidan earned a B.A. in Psychology in 2022 and is a candidate for a Master of Communication in 2023, both at Clark University. He studied Collective Victim Beliefs of Jewish Americans with Dr. Johanna Vollhardt culminating in his presentation, “Jewish Americans’ Comparisons of Ingroup and Outgroup Suffering: Intragroup Differences and the Influence of Social Positionalities.

Adrian Lopez

Adrian is a second year student at Brown University concentrating in Neuroscience. He is curious about the differences between breakdowns and breakthroughs in meditation, and the factors that predict better or worse outcomes in mindfulness-based interventions. He volunteers for the Samaritans of Rhode Island and hopes to become a psychiatrist. In his own time, he likes to tell stories, practice jiu jitsu, and play chess.

Josie Lee

Josie is a Research Assistant supporting the “Meditation and Psychedelic Challenges and Adverse Effects” study as well as working on an analysis on the effects that dietary changes had on the affective and somatic experiences of participants in the “Varieties of Contemplative Experience” study.

Before joining the lab, Josie graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Public Health in 2020. Following her undergraduate degree, Josie served as a researcher and program coordinator in New York City’s Department of Homeless Services where she researched and coordinated substance use and mental health services.

Josie’s broader interests include alternative medicine in clinical practice, nutritional psychology, differential diagnosis at the intersection of spirituality and clinical practice, and practice-specific effects of contemplation.