The Environmental And Remote Technologies Lab is a dedicated computer facility which supports Brown University’s research, academic, and administrative activities as the relate to the geospatial technologies of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and/or Remote Sensing. Readily available collections of geospatial data are provided and maintained, as are the latest releases of geospatial software installed on high performance dedicated workstations. The lab is open to anyone on campus regardless of departmental affiliation.

The GIS Manager – Lynn Carlson, GISP – has over 20 years of experience working with the esri (www.esri.com) product line and the application of GIS across multiple disciplines. She is available for:

  • trouble-shooting GIS software issues
  • providing advice on workflows and/or the implementation of specific geospatial analysis tools
  • geospatial database development
  • one-on-one and classroom training/workshops
  • field data collection
  • being your in-house GIS Analyst for any research project
  • creating custom cartographic products for your publication or web site
  • development of interactive web maps / story maps
  • providing accounts to access Web GIS via the Brown ArcGIS Online Organization

These services are provided free of charge.