Learning GIS

There are many options to learn GIS and/or Remote Sensing

Classes for credit

  • Fall Semester
    • Introduction to GIS (GEOL 1320)
      • Request the labs/data from this class for learning on your own
      • check out some of the amazing term projects completed by students in this class
    • Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis (ANTH 1201)
    • Remote Sensing of Earth and Planetary Surfaces (GEOL 1710)
  • Spring Semester
    • Introduction toe Environmental GIS (ENVS 1105)
    • Principles and Methods of Geographic Information Systems (SOC 1340)
    • Global Environmental Remote Sensing (GEOL 1330)
    • Advanced Remote Sensing (GEOL 2330)

ESRI Academy – Our Brown site license includes access to a multitude of online training resources.  If the course you are interested in is  listed as “requires maintenance”, you can use your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account.  Don’t have one? Request it.

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing – “an interactive module intended as an overview touching on on physics, environmental sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and geography”