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About LeaRRn

LeaRRn Mission

LeaRRn’s mission is to improve the quality, outcomes and value of rehabilitation care by fostering stakeholder-partnered research within and across LHSs.

LeaRRn’s overarching objective is to establish a national resource network to advance stakeholder-partnered, rehabilitation LHS research to improve quality of care, demonstrate value, and enhance patient and system outcomes. LeaRRn will provide training to promote 7 core LHS research competencies: (1) using a system science approach, (2) asking meaningful questions, (3) applying appropriate research methods, (4) capitalizing on informatics, (5) championing research ethics, (6) optimizing quality improvement and implementation science, and (7) engagement, leadership and research management. Our Network will support research innovation by convening health system stakeholders to first identify priority topics to improve the quality and value of rehabilitation care. Through mentored collaborations (i.e., LHS Scholar opportunities) and mentored pilot studies, health systems and researchers will collaborate to address these topics. Finally, through techniques development, we will assess the needs of the rehabilitation research community, prioritize and design our resources to respond to those needs and evaluate our impact.

LeaRRn’s Specific Aims

  1. Create a LHS Innovation Hub that partners researchers with healthcare systems and engages stakeholders, including patients, providers, administrators, payers and policymakers, to develop rehabilitation-focused LHS research questions.
  2. Provide funding and methodological/technical support for LHS Scholars and Pilot Study Awardees to transform research ideas into full-scale studies conducted in real-world practice.
  3. Develop a knowledge repository, tailor LHS resources for rehabilitation and disseminate materials to advance best practices in rehabilitation LHS research. LeaRRn will serve as a resource and incubator for rehabilitation researchers interested in LHS research.


Lineage of LeaRRn

LeaRRn builds on the successful collaboration of Brown University, Boston University, University of Pittsburgh to establish the Center on Health Services Training and Research (CoHSTAR) funded by a multi-million dollar, 10-year grant from the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR).

Who we are

Meet our faculty.

Impact of LeaRRn

There is an urgent need to improve rehabilitative care by implementing evidence-based practice and de-implementing sub-optimal practice. LeaRRn will serve as hub for LHS research collaboration in rehabilitation. Taken together, the knowledge repository, investigative experience, collaborations and evidence generated by LeaRRn will train the next generation of LHS rehabilitation researchers and transform the delivery, quality and outcomes across the broad field of rehabilitation care.