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LHS Scholars

The Learning Health Systems (LHS) Scholar Program partners rehabilitation researchers with health system stakeholders for a 12-month period to prepare for research or a quality improvement project on a priority topic identified by the health system. Scholar activities during the year include: a) developing a relationship with health system stakeholders; b) developing an understanding of the context of the health system; c) identifying available data and addressing access issues; d) developing Learning Health System research competencies; and e) formulating a plan/proposal with the health system to address a system-identified priority. Each LHS Scholar is paired with a faculty mentor who offers guidance to the Scholar and health system as they begin to develop a plan to engage in LHS research/quality improvement. When the year-long scholar period ends, the Scholar and health system will be well-positioned to advance the work, for example, by seeking pilot funding through LeaRRn or other mechanisms.

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Listen to LeaRRn Podcasts featuring our LHS Scholars. 

Request for Applications (RFA): Learning Health System (LHS) Scholars


2024 RFA Is Now Closed!

LHS Scholar Program Informational Webinar

Peter Coyle and Tracy Mroz Podcast

Want to know what it is like to be a LeaRRn LHS Scholar? Listen as Peter Coyle and Tracy Mroz discuss their experiences applying, successfully collaborating with health system partners, and working through unexpected challenges. They offer advice for those considering applying to the program, and reflect on how the experience will enrich their careers

Shweta Gore Podcast

In this podcast, she discusses how she took the work from her scholar year, expanding on it this year as a LeaRRn pilot study awardee. Her work focuses on the measurement of physical activity and its relationship with health outcomes in individuals with chronic cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions using complex survey data and electronic health records.

Joshua Johnson & M.J. Lee Podcast

In today’s minisode, we hear from Learning Health System Scholars Dr. Joshua Johnson and Dr. MJ Lee. Dr. Johnson is a Learning Health System Scholar from the first year of the program and Dr. Lee is a Learning Health System Scholar from the second year of the program, both cited at Cleveland Clinic. They discuss how they collaborated as LeaRRn Scholars, leveraging each other’s experiences and building off of each other’s work.


The LHS Scholar program is led by Janet Freburger and Rosa Baier.