Program Overview

Summer@Brown is the largest of our Pre-College Programs, and attracts nearly 4,000 exceptionally high-achieving and motivated students each summer. They enroll in one or more of the 200+ courses, which are designed and taught at the level of first-year college courses, and ranging in length from one to four weeks. As a distinctively Brown University program, resting on the principles that are at the core of a Brown undergraduate liberal arts education and its open curriculum, the Pre-College Programs aim to shift student focus away from formal grades and credits and, by creating student-centered learning experiences, towards the learning itself. Coupled with an experience of independent living on a university campus alongside a diverse group of otherwise like-minded peers, Summer@Brown is designed to acquaint students with the social and personal demands they will encounter as first year students at a selective college or university.

Detailed Program Overview

Course Duration One, two, three, or four weeks
Total Number of Courses >200
Disciplines Covered Full range of the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Required Instructional Hours Three hours per day
Daily Class Meeting Times

8:30am-11:20am, 12:15pm-3:05pm, or 3:30pm-6:20pm

*One week courses in the 1C part of term have extended hours to accommodate the shortened week due to the 4th of July holiday: Mon-Thu 8:30am-12:05pm or 12:15pm-3:50pm

Office Hours Especially for larger courses with Teaching Assistants or Associates, we encourage instructors to arrange office hours or small group meetings with students, and in general to be open to student requests to meet outside of class
Out of Class Work for Students Students should expect 2-3 hours daily of additional work on relevant material
Teaching Support Based on enrollment numbers, instructor may be eligible for support staff, including Teaching Associates or Assistants
Additional Student Interaction Opportunities Lunch tickets are provided for instructional staff to join students in the dining halls once per course
Professional Development Opportunities
  • Inclusive teaching workshop in the spring
  • Office hours with Program Directors
  • Pre-College summer welcome event in May
Program Directors and their General Curricular Foci
  • James Chansky (Humanities, Economics, Psychology)
  • Kisa Takesue ( Social Sciences)
  • Abbey Aevazelis (Science, Technology, Math)
  • Karen Haberstorh (Engineering)
  • Joi-Danelle Whitehead (Generalist)

Summer@Brown Instructor Checklist

The following checklist is a combination of course administration logistics and action items that you will need to be familiar with before, during, and after your course. Throughout the summer academic season, you will be prompted with friendly email reminders to guide you through key milestones and deadlines.

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