Discussions in Global Health Volunteering: Imperialism, Incompetence, and Indifference


Author: Rebecca Kim Although many global volunteering programs have temporarily grinded to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pre-pandemic popularity of global health volunteering had soared to new heights. It has been estimated that out of all Americans who volunteer internationally, around 21% designated medical care as their primary sphere of interest. This […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Hinduism, Body Image, and Maladaptive Eating Behaviors among South Asian Individuals: A Qualitative Study

South Asia

Author: Sammy Plezia ABSTRACT Objective: Although eating disorders (EDs) impact individuals from all racial and ethnic groups, the existing literature on EDs focuses disproportionately on the experiences of individuals who are white, female, and living in high-income countries. To better understand potential risk factors  for and protective factors against ED development among culturally diverse groups, […]

Birthing While Black: A Critique of the Technocratic Model of Birth and the Potential of Doulas in Addressing the Black Maternal Health Crisis

pregnant belly

Author: Sydney Fisher Introduction When 26-year-old West Bronx resident Amber Isaac became pregnant with her first child, she dreamed that she would not survive the delivery.1 Ridden with anxiety, Isaac spent time reading about maternal death, particularly regarding Black women in the United States where she learned that Black women are two to six times […]

Behind the Mask: The Effects of PPE on COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination in Dementia Care Facilities


Author: Joseph Hernandez Abstract COVID-19 has disproportionately affected dementia residents in long-term care facilities because of issues including but not limited to understaffing, social isolation, and high infection rates.1 Recent testing and vaccination efforts have helped to combat this suffering, but successful testing and vaccination administration is frequently hindered by the use of personal protective […]

The Policing of Cross-Border Bodies and Births: Deconstructing the “gendered prison crisis” in Hong Kong


Author: Emily Ma INTRODUCTION Humanitarian crises and increased global human flow in the 21st century have increased xenophobia in the Global North, leading to governments using policing to control communities’ mobility. “Crimmigration” is a term used by scholars to describe this phenomenon—the intersection of the immigration and criminal-legal system that punishes and banishes populations of […]