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AGU 2023 Posters and Presentations

We are excited for AGU! Listed below are the posters and talks being presented by Ibarra lab group members this year at the AGU Fall Meeting!


T Bobik, J Chen, XJ Du, CA GagnonWV RibeiroJKC Rugenstein, Y Gao, DE Ibarra, 2023, Filling in the gaps: paleosols as regional recorders of east Asian hydroclimate response to the Cretaceous-Paleogene. PP21E-1342, AGU 2023.

Wednesday († invited)

†DE Ibarra, Y Gao, JG Dai, CP Chamberlain, CS Wang, 2023, A high elevation southern Tibet prior to India-Asia collision recorded by triple oxygen isotopes of hydrothermal quartz. U34A-07, AGU 2023.


DE Ibarra and J Evaristo, 2023, Refining clay mineral paleothermometry: towards development of a proxy system model for clay oxygen and hydrogen isotopes. Pp43C-03, AGU 2023.

S MillerCA Gagnon, C Kinsley, BK Belanger, CY Chen, W Sharp, JL Oster, DE Ibarra, 2023, Identifying drivers of hydroclimate change during Marine Isotope Stage 5 in Owens Valley CA using carbonate clumped isotopes. PP43F-1735, AGU 2023.

C Kong-JohnsonN Sekhon, CPC David, D McGee, DE Ibarra, 2023, Insights into paleorainfall variability in the Philippines using the geochemistry of a speleothem spanning 28 to 51 kyrs BP. PP43F-1741, AGU 2023.


N SekhonC Kong-JohnsonA Gao, BK Belanger, MJ Custado, D McGee, S Mallick, CPC David, MCM Geronia, S Jalandoni, JB Gatdula, N Santos Dela Cruz, M Geraldes Vega, JL Oster, DE Ibarra, 2023, Developing an understanding of modern and past hydroclimate variability impacts on tropical island nations: A case study from the Philippines. PP52B-05, AGU 2023.

S Muñoz, J Jenckes, EJ Ramos, LA Munk, DE Ibarra, 2023, Hydrologic and Landscape Controls on Rock Weathering Along a Glacial Gradient in South Central Alaska, USA. Ep51A-04, AGU 2023.

DE Ibarra, KV Lau, C Spearin, B Mitsunaga, W Chanchai, B Fong, D Ho, S Kim, S Legg, R Rutberg, J Wang, S Ying, 2023, Research opportunities for Asian American undergraduate students: successes and challenges of the AGILE internship program. ED51C-0551, AGU 2023.

J Bernstein-SchaletS MuñozEJ Ramos, K Suquino, M Gammerman, W Larsen, Yi Hou, P Cosslett Kemeny, DE Ibarra, 2023, Linking Post-Wildfire Soil Geochemistry to Carbon Processes and Chemical Weathering. EP53D-1751, AGU 2023.

MJ Custado, JPT Domingo, CP David, DE Ibarra, 2023, Assessing Chemical Weathering Rates in the Zambales Ophiolite Complex, Southeast Asia. EP53D-1753, AGU 2023.

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