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Lab Facilities

Triple Oxygen Isotope Fluorination Lab


Terrestrial Biogeochemistry and Paleoclimatology lab space in GC 011 equipment with a BrF5 laser and conventional fluorination line, water injection port, and a Thermo 253+ equipped for triple oxygen isotope analyses on carbonate, silicates, meteorites and waters, and clumped oxygen analyses on oxygen gas. For information about external sample submission for triple oxygen isotope analysis please see this page.

Traditional and Carbonate Clumped Isotope Analyses

Our Thermo 253+ with a Kiel IV configured for both traditional and clumped isotope analyses on carbonates for small sample sizes, and an IBEX sample preparation device for large sample sizes. Instrument shared with Dr. Steve Clemens as part of the DEEPS carbonate facility in Geo-Chem 047.

Phosphoric acid inside the Kiel IV.

Thermo Gas Bench II

New addition! Our group recently installed a Gas Bench II for carbonate traditional isotope measurements and DIC carbon isotope measurements as part of the DEEPS Environmental Geochemistry Facility in GC047 using the new Delta V Plus (see below).

Silicate Hydrogen Isotope Measurements

As part of the DEEPS Environmental Geochemistry Facility in GC047 we have set up methods and workflows for analyses of hydrogen stable isotopes of silicates (clays, chert, mica, opal, meteorites etc.) using a new Delta V Plus GC-EA-IRMS system acquired as part of a joint NSF MRI proposal to Dr. Yongsong Huang (lead PI), our research group as well as several other research groups in the department.

Trace Metal Clean Lab and ICP-MS Facility

Mass Spectrometer Room.

Floorplan of TML
Facility Layout


A new lab space in MM 316/317 shared with Dr. Gerritt Budde‘s research group opened in summer 2023. Our shared lab has 9 laminar flow hoods, a Thermo Neoma MC-ICP-MS and a Thermo iCAP RQ ICP-MS. The Ibarra lab will be setting up lithium and strontium isotopes, U-series/U-Th geochronology and other systems in the coming years! We also use the department’s Mass Spectrometer Analytical Facility which has a Pico Trace laboratory, Thermo Scientific Neptune Plus multi-collector ICP-MS, a Thermo Scientific X-series-2 ICP-MS, a Photon-Machines Analyte G2 laser ablation.