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Weathering Papers

Several exciting papers have recently been published by our group to start out the year!

Ph.D. Candidate Sebastian Muñoz published the first chapter of his Ph.D. in JGR Earth Surface: “Hydrologic and Landscape Controls on Rock Weathering Along a Glacial Gradient in South Central Alaska, USA”, which includes Sr isotopes, inverse modeling, and more.

A companion paper led by Dr. Jordan Jenckes (U of Alaska Anchorage) zooms out on the entire Gulf of Alaska, also in JGR Earth Surface: “Geochemical Weathering Variability in High Latitude Watersheds of the Gulf of Alaska”. We are currently expanding our work with Jordan and Dr. Lee Ann Munk at UAA with some new exciting measurements, stay tuned!

And co-mentored NSF EAR postdoc Dr. Evan Ramos published his work using lithium isotopes and clay formation in EPSL: Competition or collaboration: Clay formation sets the relationship between silicate weathering and organic carbon burial in soil. This work forms the foundation for our new DOE grant with Dr. Ramos and Dr. Mark Torres at Rice University.

Figure from Munoz et al. 2024
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