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Lab Outreach Initiatives

We are excited to begin participating in the outreach programs DEEPS STEP and DEEPS CORES at Brown. Above is Cathy Gagnon’s intro video for the DEEPS CORES program!

At AGU Fall Meeting 2020 we launched  Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Geosciences (AAPIiG), a group Dan co-founded with Kimberly Lau (Penn State) and Christine Chen (Caltech/LLNL), our awesome logo above was designed by Caroline Juang (Columbia). To join our organization please go to

We are also leading the NSF-funded AGILE program (AAPI in Geoscience: Inclusivity, Leadership, and Experience) in collaboration with a diverse group of institutions from across the country. You can find out more information here:

Outreach Presentations

  • Sky Islands: Work-In-Progress Music and Panel Discussion, 2024, Asia Society NYC
  • Ancient Lakes and Lithium, 2022, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Kiel, Class Presentation.
  • Preparing for AGU Bright STaRS, 2021, ISF Academy, Hong Kong.
  • The rise and fall of latest Pleistocene pluvial lakes in the northern Great Basin, 2021, Geologists of Jackson Hole.
  • Past climate change and water availability in western North America, 2020, Compass Lecture Series, UC Berkeley.
  • Preparing for AGU Bright STaRS, 2020, ISF Academy, Hong Kong.
  • Past Climate Change in the American West, 2018, Teton Pines, Jackson, WY
  • Preprints and preprint servers for all disciplines: lessons from the creation of EarthArXiv, 2018, Gear Up for Research, Stanford University Libraries
  • Past Water Cycle Changes in Western North America, 2017, Earth Science Teach-In
  • Ice Age evidence for dramatic regional and global changes in the terrestrial water cycle, 2015, Understanding Global Change, Teacher Workshop, University of California Museum of Paleontology and Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.
  • The Ice Age water cycle, 2015, History of Life High School Intern Program, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University.
  • Preparing an AGU Bright STaRS poster, 2014, ISF Academy, Hong Kong.
  • Enhancing paleo-lake level records of an internally draining watershed: Surprise Valley, CA, 2012, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, Branner Earth Sciences Library, Stanford University.