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Please see our opportunities page for details regarding joining our group. We are always looking for passionate and driven individuals to join our group!

Our current ongoing collaborations include (see also our Research page and find our group on ResearchGate):

  • Jessica Oster’s Quaternary-focussed terrestrial paleoclimate group at Vanderbilt University, along with Warren Sharp (Berkeley Geochronology Center) – paleoclimate of Quaternary western North America.
  • Jeremy Caves Rugenstein (Colorado State), Tyler Kukla (Stanford), Kimberley Lau (Penn State), and Matthew Winnick (UMass) – numerous projects including work on the long-term carbon cycle and Cenozoic terrestrial paleoclimate and hydroclimate questions.
  • Page Chamberlain, Katharina Methner (both Stanford), and Andreas Mulch (Senckenburg Institute) – Cenozoic climate and tectonics in Asia and North American using lacustrine sediments, hydrothermal deposits, and metamorphic core complexes.
  • LeeAnn Munk (U of Alaska), Dave Boutt (UMass), Tripti Bhattacharya (Syracuse), and Kristina Butler (UT Austin), and their research groups – lithium resource hydrogeochemistry, Plio-Pleistocene hydroclimate, lacustrine sedimentology, and modern organic and inorganic catchment geochemistry.
  • Aradhna Tripati and her research group (UCLA) – carbonate clumped isotopes of LGM, Pliocene and Eocene lacustrine carbonates in the western United States.
  • Carlos Primo C. David (U of the Philippines, Diliman) and his group – hydrogeology and geochemistry of catchments in the Philippines.
  • Yuan Gao, Chengshan Wang, and Jingen Dai (all China University of the Geosciences, Beijing) – Cretaceous and Cenozoic climate and tectonics of Asia.
  • Juan Lora, Sofia Menemenlis (both Yale) and Sarah White and Dave Wahl (UC Berkeley) – proxy-system modeling and climate modeling of Pliocene hydroclimate in western North America.
  • Daniel Stolper (UC Berkeley) – triple oxygen isotopes of silicates and carbonate clumped isotopes.
  • Terry Blackburn and Gavin Piccione (UCSC) – oxygen isotopes of Neogene and Pleistocene subglacial opal and carbonate deposits from Antarctica.
  • Seth Finnegan (UC Berkeley) and Larry Taylor (Helena College) – carbonate clumped isotopes of whale barnacles.