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Dr. Ibarra is an Assistant Professor at Brown University appointed in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and the Institute at Brown for Environment & Society. Prospective students and postdocs are encouraged to contact Dr. Ibarra (daniel_ibarra [at] brown [dot] edu) directly.

Undergraduate students interested in our work should get in touch with Dr. Ibarra! Opportunities exist for Brown undergraduates and external undergraduates during summers through the DEEPS Leadership Alliance REU and IBES Leadership Alliance programs.

Graduate students are typically funded on a combination of internal and external fellowships, and research grants. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Ibarra before applying. Information for prospective graduate students can be found on the DEEPS website. Dr. Ibarra is happy to discuss research project ideas for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program and DoD National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program with prospective students.

Postdoc funding opportunities at Brown include:

Dr. Ibarra is also always open to co-developing ideas for other external postdoc fellowships (e.g., Agouron Geobiology, NSF EAR-PF, NOAA C&GC).