Overview of the SR-EIP

The Brown SR-EIP offers up to 35 undergraduates each summer a paid research internship with a faculty mentor. Research opportunities are available in the following areas: life sciences, physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences, engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics. Immersed in an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment, students work closely with a faculty advisor on the university’s main campus or in one of the hospitals affiliated with the Brown Medical School. In addition to this one-on-one collaboration, all participants present their research at the annual Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS).

Throughout the summer, Brown SR-EIP students work full-time in their research environment. In addition, each student is required to complete a research proposal, create a poster to present at a university-wide undergraduate conference, and make either a poster or an oral presentation at the National Symposium.

Highlights of the Brown SR-EIP include weekly dinner meetings and discussion groups. These meetings broaden and deepen each student’s knowledge of the innovative research collaborations that have formed throughout the Brown campus. In addition to research presentations from faculty and graduate students, they learn about the graduate school experience through conversations with Brown graduate students, postdocs, and the Graduate School deans.

On many of the weekends, there is a planned activity or excursion. Recently, this has included day trips to Newport, Block Island, or Boston; an evening at a city music festival or a movie; an afternoon barbecue or picnic at the home of a staff person or dining out.

Participants in the Brown SR-EIP receive a competitive stipend, a single room in an apartment in a Brown residence hall, and reimbursement for round-trip travel to Brown. There is a common kitchen in the residence hall. All Brown SR-EIP students live together in a building within a short walking distance of the main campus green and are easily accessible to shopping and transportation services.