Preparation – Be sure that everything is ready before your mentee arrives, especially with respect to your mentee’s project and anyone who will help supervise it. (We understand that some mentors work with their mentees to develop a project once they arrive on campus. If this is your plan please make sure that any foundational work is done prior to the mentee’s arrival so they can stay on track in regards to presenting at The Leadership Alliance National Symposium 8 weeks after the program’s start.)

Adequate Time – Brown SR-EIP mentors should meet with their mentee’s at least 1-2 hours each week.

Approachability – Your mentee should feel comfortable approaching you with questions and concerns.

Thoughtful Project Selection – Your mentee’s project should be manageable to complete in nine weeks (with a presentation in week 8), but challenging enough to serve as a learning experience. If you and your mentee decide to extend the project beyond the 9-week program The Leadership Alliance will provide administrative support throughout the duration of the extension.

Alignment of Interests – Your research agenda should align with your mentee’s interests.

Willingness to Prioritize the Mentee’s Growth – Unlike graduate students and research assistants, an undergraduate mentee’s project should aim to help them master skills and concepts even if it means they might not advance your research agenda.