What are the responsibilities of a participating department/program?

A participating department/program should admit a minimum of 2 students so students have at least one peer working in the same discipline during the program. Students working in the same research areas should be brought together weekly in a study group led by a graduate student group leader, it is the responsibility of the department to hire any graduate students who will work with their SR-EIP students during the program. Graduate students, working with a departmental lead, should put together a syllabus/curriculum that aims to achieve specific outcomes and deliverables through the 9-week program. The Leadership Alliance Summer Program Coordinator will offer assistance and support in developing these materials.

The culmination of each student’s SR-EIP experience is their participation in the Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS), where students either present a poster or give a 10-minute oral presentation on their research. The faculty mentor should be working with the student on their research project with this end goal in mind; the graduate student study group leaders supporting the students will offer technical assistance and opportunities to rehearse as these posters and presentations are finalized and the conference approaches.