The following is included as part of a student’s award:

Stipend: Students receive a stipend for their work at Brown during the SR-EIP. Stipends may vary depending on each research opportunities’ funding source.

Travel: Brown University will coordinate and pay for student travel to and from Providence, Rhode Island for the SR-EIP. The Leadership Alliance will also pay for and coordinate travel to The Leadership Alliance National Symposium during the program.

Housing: Participants will stay in Brown University housing for the duration of their time at Brown. During the National Symposium, students will stay in a hotel within walking distance of the conference.

Research Mentors: Students will be matched with a faculty/research mentor based on interests/goals expressed in the application to the Leadership Alliance. Students may work 1:1 with a faculty mentor, may work as part of a larger lab group, or may be paired with another student for a 2:1 relationship with their faculty mentor. In addition to a student’s primary research mentor they will be part of a small study group (5-7 students) led by a graduate student mentor who will actively engage with and support  them throughout the research process.

Activities: Students are expected to spend a minimum of 35 hours/week conducting research and working with their faculty/research mentor. In addition, students will participate in several program activities that will allow them to interact with other members of the academic community at Brown and The Leadership Alliance

    1. Participation in The Leadership Alliance Virtual Professional Development Series: Brown SR-EIP students are expected to successfully complete the VPD Series. Students will be able to engage in Series of events both synchronously and asynchronously. The SR-EIP at Brown will also host weekly viewing events, giving students the opportunity to watch the events with Brown cohort peers and Brown community members, these events will culminate with group discussions of the topics discussed during that VPD event.
    2. Weekly study group meetings led by Brown University graduate students.
    3. Participation in the Brown Summer Research Symposium: after presenting their research at LANS students will present again at the Brown Summer Research Symposium, an event dedicated to showcasing all of the research that happened at Brown through various programs throughout the summer. This is an opportunity to broadly engage with Brown faculty and other community members at the end of the SR-EIP experience.
    4. The Leadership Alliance National Research Symposium: Participants will travel to attend the national meeting of The Leadership Alliance to present their work and to network with SR-EIP participants from different institutions, faculty/research mentors, and Leadership Alliance members and directors. Expenses related to travel, hotel and meals while at the conference are covered by The Leadership Alliance.
    5. Department-specific activities: The Brown SR-EIP involves cohorts of students working in different departments and programs. Each of those programs will host some of their own programmings throughout the summer, giving participants the opportunity to learn more about the specific areas of interest related to their research.

Questions about your application or eligibility? Please contact:
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