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Month: August 2023

Congratulations to Yungxing Su!

Yunxing Su

Congratulations to our former lab member, Yunxing Su who is moving to Colorado to start a new position at CU Boulder. Yunxing completed his PhD in our lab, but has stayed in Providence for the past few years as a Postdoc, first with Roberto Zenit  and then with Monica Willhelmus.  Bon Voyage on your relocation to the Rockies!!

A fond farewell

As the summer winds up, we bid a fond farewell to several people:

Tanner During, Jayna Rybner, Kiera Fullick and Kenny Breuer at the 2023 Undergraduate Research SymposiumMareesa Islam, Tanner Diring and Jayna Rybner – our wonderful “Surfing Bird” REU students.  These three students spent the summer at Brown, visiting from UC Berkeley, U. Wisconsin and USC respectively and made a huge contribution to our bird flight research program. Thanks for everything!

Xiaozhou Fan – a valued and treasured member of the lab for the past five years. Xiaozhou received his PhD (in May) and is moving west to start as a Postdoc at Caltech.

Sakthi Swarrup – our wonderful Postdoc (working jointly with Sharon Swartz) whose Fulbright fellowship has ended. Sakthi has returned to India as a faculty member at the Vellore Institute of Technology.

Alberto Bortoni – Sharon Swartz’s PhD student –  has spent many hours on this side of campus, is an honorary member of the lab and co-designer of the “flapperoo”. Alberto defends his PhD next week (we assume it will be successful) and he will be returning to Mexico.Alberto Bortoni