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Congratulations to Alex and Ilan on receiving the Halpin fellowship


Congratulations to Alex Koh-Bell and Ilan Upfal, both of whom were awarded a Halpin fellowship for their senior capstone projects in our lab.  Alex is working on improving wind turbine performance using an “adaptive Gurney flap”, while Ilan is using membrane airfoils to improve the performance of an oscillating foil turbine to extract energy from tidal streams.

Congrats to both of you

Welcome to Cameron and Xiaowei


A warm welcome to two new members of the lab:  Xiaowei He is joining as Postdoc after completing his PhD with Dave Williams at IIT.  Cameron Urban is joining as a visiting scientist, after completing his BSc from Washington University of St Louis.

Presentation at AIAA SciTech

Take that Omicron! – Yuanhang and Siyang at the AIAA SciTech in San Diego.   They both presented papers  – on aeroelastic instabilities, and on Gurney flap aerodynamics.

Back to the APS/DFD in person

It was great to be back at the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting – in person – in Phoenix.  Brown was represented by a wonderful group, including this crew from our lab!

New paper in PRE on active matter

Congratulations to Yi Fan (former PhD in the lab, now at Google) who published a paper from her PhD thesis in Phys Rev E. on the effects of confinement on the correlations lengths in an active fluid.  One aspect of the paper was her ingenious use of diffraction rings to do 3D tracking!

3D tracking with Airy rings