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Author: KennyB

Noah and Mareesa present at SICB!

Congratulations to Noah Medina and Mareesa Islaam who presented a poster at the Annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in Seattle.  The poster presented results from their summer 2023 research project on the individual variability of starling flight patterns as they fly in our Wind tunnel.

Mareesa was visiting Brown from Berkeley, supported by the NSF REU program, while Noah, a Brown undergraduate was supported by the Brown UTRA research program

Amazing presence at the 2023 APS/DFD!

A fantastic lab presence and Brown presence at the 2023 American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS/DFD) annual meeting in Washington DC.  According to Prof Tom Powers, there were 43 papers by members of the Center For Fluid Mechanics (not including collaborations) and one invited talk by an alumni of our research groups (Sevario Spagniole (who was a PostDoc with Tom and is now a Prof at U.Wisconsin ) gave a wonderful talk on liquid crystals.

From our lab, there we had a great presence with Kenny, Ronan, Eva, Anoop, Siyang, Alex, Eric, Xiaowei, PJ, and Brooke, as well as recent alumni Xiaozhou and Yuanhang, and future lab member, Pedro.

Congratulations to Yungxing Su!

Yunxing Su

Congratulations to our former lab member, Yunxing Su who is moving to Colorado to start a new position at CU Boulder. Yunxing completed his PhD in our lab, but has stayed in Providence for the past few years as a Postdoc, first with Roberto Zenit  and then with Monica Willhelmus.  Bon Voyage on your relocation to the Rockies!!

A fond farewell

As the summer winds up, we bid a fond farewell to several people:

Tanner During, Jayna Rybner, Kiera Fullick and Kenny Breuer at the 2023 Undergraduate Research SymposiumMareesa Islam, Tanner Diring and Jayna Rybner – our wonderful “Surfing Bird” REU students.  These three students spent the summer at Brown, visiting from UC Berkeley, U. Wisconsin and USC respectively and made a huge contribution to our bird flight research program. Thanks for everything!

Xiaozhou Fan – a valued and treasured member of the lab for the past five years. Xiaozhou received his PhD (in May) and is moving west to start as a Postdoc at Caltech.

Sakthi Swarrup – our wonderful Postdoc (working jointly with Sharon Swartz) whose Fulbright fellowship has ended. Sakthi has returned to India as a faculty member at the Vellore Institute of Technology.

Alberto Bortoni – Sharon Swartz’s PhD student –  has spent many hours on this side of campus, is an honorary member of the lab and co-designer of the “flapperoo”. Alberto defends his PhD next week (we assume it will be successful) and he will be returning to Mexico.Alberto Bortoni