About Us


Sean Chung

Year: 2022

Concentration: Applied Mathematics-Economics

Role: Curator

Fun Fact: I like to search through modern coins for rare/interesting varieties in my free time and keep a small collection of American silver coins.





Jenny Griffith

Year: 2022

Concentration: Biology, Public Health

Role: Exhibits Curator, Newsletter Writer 

Fun Fact: I have three citizenships and love to travel around the world.




Celinie Nguyen

Year: 2021

Concentration: Cognitive Neuroscience

Role: Exhibit Curator, Lead Student Staffer

Fun Fact: Whenever I visit a National Park, I complete the Junior Ranger activities for fun!



Joungbihn Park

Year: 2022

Concentration: Computer Science-Economics

Role: Web Developer

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in five countries and love to travel!

Rujul Singh

Year: 2021

Concentration: Computer Science, Economics

Role: Events, Lead Student Staffer 

Fun Fact: I have two dogs, and I’m a part-time volunteer service dog trainer.




Madavin Vong 

Year: 2021

Concentration: Engineering

Role: Graphic Designer 

Fun Fact: I love to watch Criminal Minds and figuring out puzzles.





Nicole Williams, M.S.

Science Center Program Manager

Education: M.S. in Marine Science from Hawai’i Pacific University and a B.A. in Biology from Wittenberg University 

Job Description: Manages the undergraduate New Scientist Collective and Catalyst program as well as the Women in Science and Engineering peer-mentoring programs. She also manages and supports a group of diverse student front desk staff.

Fun Fact: I have 5 octopus art pieces in my house. 




Geeta Chougule

HHMI Program Coordinator- BioMed, Molecular and Cellular Biology Sigma Xi Brown Chapter Program- School of Engineering

Education: B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado

Job Description: Geeta works closely with Professor Mark Johnson as a coordinator for the HHMI-CURE Program. She also manages the Brown Chapter of the Sigma XI Honor Society program working closely with Dean David Targan and Professor Meenakshi Narain.

Fun Fact: Geeta is a parent of a Brown grad and loves working with Brown Students.