Zöllner Illusion

Class: CLPS 1591 – An Experimental Analysis of Vision for Action and Vision for Perception: Are There Separate Mechanisms? 

Instructor(s): Dr. Fulvio Domini

Student(s): Jacob Zimmerman

“The CURE class setup influenced me to be more critical of scientific papers, spending time in class to present and critique scientific literature.”

-Jacob Zimmerman


My proposed research project intended to investigate whether a new formulation of the Zöllner illusion might demonstrate a functional dissociation between vision for perception and vision for action. Due to the circumstances, we did not carry out our research projects but instead wrote mock grant proposals for them. A key take-away is that it is crucial to pay close attention to the details of scientific research so that unintentional (and possibly intentional) errors in methodology and conclusions are known, allowing us to steer research in a direction of progress.