Lab Director

Eric Darling Eric Darling
Associate Professor of Medical Science, Engineering, and Orthopaedics
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Center for Biomedical Engineering

Research staff

Vera Fonseca Vera Fonseca
Laboratory manager

Graduate students

Graylen Chickering Graylen Chickering
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
Research area: Optical cytometry for mechanophenotyping
Ryan Dubay Ryan Dubay
PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Research area: High-throughput mechanical characterization/sorting of cells
Draper Fellow
Robert Gutierrez Robert Gutierrez
PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Research area: In situ force measurement in musculoskeletal model systems
NSF Fellow
Brown Bear Icon Solhee Kim
ScM student, Biomedical Engineering
Research area: Persistent vascular vehicles
Rebeka Sowers Rebeka Sowers
ScM student, Biotechnology
Research area: Hydrophobic drug delivery

Undergraduate students

Brown Bear Icon Bevan Bsharah
Biomedical Engineering                                                                                        
Clara Tandar Clara Tandar
Computational Biology 


Post-doctoral researchers
Nicholas Labriola (Post-doc ’17-’18), Senior Scientist, Smith & Nephew

Graduate students
Olivia Beane (PhD BME ’16), Research Scientist, EpiBone
Nicholas Labriola (PhD BME ’17), Senior Scientist, Smith & Nephew
Hetal Marble (PhD Biology ’17), Senior Director, Diagnostic Product Management, Quanterix
Manisha (Kanthilal) Shah (PhD BME ’18), Associate Clinical Project Manager, Genentech
Rafael González Cruz (PhD BME ’18), Post-doc, Brown University
Jessica Sadick (PhD Biotech ’18), Valo Health
Bryan Sutermaster (PhD BME ’19), Stem Cell Scientist, Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Megan Dempsey (PhD BME ’21), Process Development Scientist, Prothelia
Addie Parsons (PhD Biotech ’21), Post-doc, Harvard University
Manisha Kanthilal (ScM BME ’13), PhD student, Brown University
Bella Okiddy (ScM BME ’16), Member advocate, Collective Health
Addie Parsons (ScM Biotech ’17), PhD student, Brown University
Sylvia Sarnik (ScM BME ’21)

Undergraduate students
Indu Voruganti (ScB Biology ’12), Radiation oncology resident, University of Toronto
Noa Nessim (ScB Biology ’13), MD student, UNC, Chapel Hill
Aaron Chiou (ScB BME ’14), PhD student, Cornell University
Eunice Cho (ScB Biology ’14), PhD student, Yale University
Bella Okiddy (ScB BME ’15), Data analyst, Azavista
Iris Garcia-Pak (ScB BME ’15), MD/PhD student, UCSD
Libby Stein (ScB Biology ’15), MD student, Albany Medical College
Corey Holman (ScB Biology ’16), PhD student, University of Pennsylvania
Keenan Line (ScB BME ’18), Software Automation Engineer, HighRes Biosolutions
Elizabeth Bixler (ScB BME ’18), MD student, Texas A&M EnMed
Olivia Woodford-Berry (ScB Biology ’19), Analyst, ClearView Healthcare Partners
Joseph Urban (ScB BME ’21), Technical Staff 1, Draper