Department Representatives

In compliance with the GSC Bylaws, all graduate students are welcome to attend GSC general meetings and participate in discussions, but only departmental representatives may vote. The number of department representatives is proportional to the number of graduate students; that is, 1 representative for every 40 currently enrolled graduate students.

Departments are free to choose representatives according to their own internal procedures. If your department does not have a GSC representative, please contact the Chair of Communications. If you are a current representative but are unable to attend a GSC general meeting, please appoint a proxy from the graduate students in your same department. Note: A department that consistently fails to send a representative to GSC general meetings loses its good standing with the GSC. To be considered in good standing, departments must have been represented at three of the four previous GSC general meetings at the time of review.

If you are interested in being a representative, please get in touch with one of your department’s current representatives, listed below.


  • This list is correct as of April 26, 2023.
  • Details of where your department falls in terms of disciplinary grouping (biology and medical sciences; humanities; life sciences; physical sciences; or social sciences) can be found in the faculty rules and regulations and in the university academic listings.
  • New representatives: Please contact the Chair of Communications so that this list accurately reflects your department’s status.
  • Asterisk (*) indicates a vacancy.

GSC Voting Representatives

Humanities Division:

  • Center for the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World: Elizabeth Davis
  • Department of Classics: Sonja Hansen
  • Department of Comparative Literature: Asher Lober
  • Department of Egyptology & Assyriology: Marc Chapuis
  • Department of English: *
  • Department of French Studies: Mia Williams
  • Department of German Studies: Ethan Lussky, Simon Horn
  • Department of Hispanic Studies: Benjamin Easton, David Parsard
  • Department of History: Faraz Haider
  • Department of History of Art & Architecture: Ciprian Buzila
  • Department of Italian Studies: Gisella Governi
  • Program in Literary Arts: Riley Ratcliff, Robert Watson (Jackson Watson), Alison Arteaga
  • Department of Modern Culture & Media: Lachlan Kermode
  • Department of Music and Multimedia Composition: *
  • Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology: Juan Rivera
  • Department of Philosophy: *
  • Department of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies: João Pedro Coleta
  • Department of Religious Studies: Bailey Freeburn
  • Department of Slavic Studies: Sofia Verba
  • Department of Theatre Arts & Performance Studies: Mohammad Mehdi Kimiagari, Harley Elias

Life Sciences Division:

  • Biology & Medicine Division:
    • Center for Biomedical Engineering: Alex Marzoratti, Kevin LoGiudice
    • Center for Computational Biology: *
    • Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Dafeng Zhang
    • Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry: Farha Mithila, Raphael Britt
    • Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & the Program in Biotechnology: Rudra Trivedi
    • Program in Pathobiology: George Tollefson
    • Department of Medical Science: Sheila Solarez, Anusha Ray Dey, Jon Olansen, Miranda Lawell, Arsalan Ahmed
  • Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences: Heyang Yin, Bruno Ferenc Segedin
  • Department of Neuroscience & Institute for Brain Science: Nicholas Tolley, Adele Finch
  • School of Public Health:
    • Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences: Patrick Kelly
    • Department of Biostatistics: Alitzel Serrano Laguna
    • Department of Epidemiology: *
    • Department of Health Services, Policy & Practice: Molly Stettenbauer
    • MPH: Ma Irene Quilantang
    • MPH (Online): Nicole Haderlein

Physical Sciences Division:

  • Division of Applied Mathematics: Teressa Chambers, Erik Bergland
  • Department of Chemistry: Treshaun Sutton, Cooro Harris
  • Department of Computer Science: Muskaan Patel, Catherine Chen
  • Cybersecurity Initiative: Sean Serrao
  • Data Science Initiative: *
  • Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences: Andrea Mason, Meg Wilson
  • Department of the School of Engineering: Ashfaq Ahmed, Srijan Neogi
  • Department of Mathematics: Daksh Aggarwal, Steven Creech
  • Department of Physics: Kanchit Klangboonkrong, Spencer Ellis, Samuel Mason

Social Sciences Division:

  • Department of Africana Studies: Kaplan Trudo
  • Department of American Studies: Caroline Cunfer, Katharina Weygold
  • Department of Anthropology: Isabella Shultz
  • Department of Economics: *
  • Department of Education: *
  • Department of Political Science: Noah Campbell, Maya Nunez
  • John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities & Cultural Heritage: Traci Picard, Susana Turbay
  • Department of Sociology: Jonathan Tollefson
  • Social Analysis and Research: *
  • Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs: Shahum Ajmal, Hannah Reale