Conference and External Travel Funding


The GSC provides funding to reimburse conference and dissertation/field work related travel expenses. Individuals may receive one funding request per fiscal year in the amount of $300. Preference is given to applicants who have exhausted, been denied, or are ineligible for other means of funding. Applicants who have applied to other funding sources and have not yet received notification should also apply for GSC funds.

Funding is limited and awards are made at discretion of the GSC finance committee. The application will be judged primarily based on the quality of the student’s application and the following criteria in no particular order: 

    • Role at the Conference/Project site
    • Distance to the site location
    • Academic Candidacy (Masters and Doctoral)
    • Total travel/lodging expenses
    • Extent to which alternative funding sources have been exhausted

Students are encouraged to apply if:

    • The student is participating and/or presenting at a conference.
    • The student’s education at Brown is improved by field work related travel.
    • The student is traveling to present to or to work with collaborators and must demonstrate importance of travel on education and impact on Brown

The travel request shall include: 

    • A completed application with all additional materials required
    • A description of travel and research particularly how it advances your education at Brown
    • A statement from a faculty member familiar with your research explaining the importance of your participation in this conference/field work is NOT necessary but may enhance an application.

Requests for funding must be made within the application window. In the event that the request is received outside of the application window (late submissions), the GSC cannot guarantee that an application will be accepted and funding of the application will be determined on a case by case basis. The GSC reserves the right to reject any funding request that does not include all required materials within the application window.

The individual requesting money from the GSC must be a currently enrolled graduate student. All receipts from accepted applications must be received within 30 days of travel or 30 days within receipt of confirmation of funds from the GSC if travel has already occurred.

Please be sure to apply within the correct application window.

For any queries, please email the GSC Treasurer.